Rev. Margaret LeMay

Spiritual and ​Psychic Counseling is a natural choice for anyone wanting to discover more about their life's journey.  It offers valuable insights, and sheds light on your challenges and matters of concern beyond what the physical senses can provide.
Peace of Mind!

​Spiritual and Psychic Counseling is also significantly helpful when facing a personal crisis, when making important decisions, experiencing personal growth and life changes, or desiring general guidance.  It can provide you with a sense of calm and peace of mind that creates inner emotional well-being.
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Spiritual and Psychic Counselor
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Hello!  I am Margaret LeMay and thank you for stopping by my website! 

​For over 15 years now I remain passionate about my work as a Spiritual and Psychic Counselor.​​ Through combining my highly sensitive psychic abilities, vast life experience, spiritual wisdom and knowledge, and practical approach, I can offer you insights, clarity, guidance and direction with what is important to you.

Spiritual and ​​Psychic Counseling sessions addresses matters that include relationships, financial matters, careers, health and well-being, education, parenting, personal or spiritual growth and more. 

​​There is no need to struggle on your own.  Connect with me on the Contact Form.  Or call or send an email and I will set up your session right away!

Some satisfied clients....

​​"Margaret's intuitive gifts are amazing. When I had my first session with her, she was so insightful and right on. Words cannot describe how much I respect and appreciate her skills. I recommend her often and with confidence."
--Sue Ridge,

​"I have known Margaret for several years now, and she has helped me on numerous occasions. Her talents include listening to and recommending what is in the best interest of the client. She uses her strong intuition to help resolve personal as well as career problems. Through her insight and clarity, Margaret has helped me to answer a lot of life-changing questions and direct and guide me to positive solutions.Thank you again and again Margaret!" --Dan Shelor

"​​I felt like you connected to me like no one else ever has. I love the way you presented your advice for me in a practical, non-judgemental way. Thank you so much. I will be calling again." --P.B